Here is a little about me…

I’m Amy Newlands and this is where I am meant to tell you a little about me so you’ll want to work with me right?

I am better with graphics than I am with words, but here we go. In my non-business life, I am a single mum to a feisty, loving, tornado of energy named Clayton and a fluffy fur baby named Leo.

If we were in a 90’s chick flick, I would be the token nerdy and awkward art student. I was forever weighed down with a school bag full of sketchbooks and art supplies.

Nowadays though, my sketchbook is digital. With more than just pen and paper at my disposal, I create graphics that help small businesses take control of the scroll and get them visible online.

Why do I do what I do?

Why I do what I do is simple…I love originality. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal illustration I create or graphics for a small business. I believe everyone deserves to have something unique to them.

I adore using my love of colour and design to create original brands and graphics that will get your small business seen online.

Social Media has become a vital tool for small businesses to gain new followers and customers but it’s not easy. It can be a nightmare to get seen when your brand graphics merge into the crowd.

I want to help you to shred that frustrated feeling and encourage you to embrace the bold originality that is you.

I don’t create just any “brand” for your business. I take the time to get to know you and your business, so I can ensure the final products reflect your personality.

How I learned….

I am a self confessed autodidact.

As a teenager it was drummed into me that art and design was not a sustainable option for a job, so I took a different path for College, but that love of creating never left me.

So in my spare time, I practised and taught myself everything I possibly could. The more I learned, the more I stoked that passion for creating.

Now, as a small business just like you, I am using that wealth of knowledge to create bold, scroll stopping graphics that you can be confident in.

Don’t struggle around your brand and social media graphics, let me help you get unstuck!