Branding Brainstorm

Branding your business can be stressful, especially if you don’t have a lot of design experience.

That is why I have teamed up with Holly, Website Designer extraordinaire to bring you Branding Brainstorm.

Are you Struggling with brand awareness?

Not sure about brand message?

Does your branding feel bland and ineffective?

Our Branding Brainstorm will help bring you direction and clarity within your brand

Is this session for me?

These sessions are for you if you are :

  • A personal brand or small business.
  • Looking to build your brand or rebrand.
  • Having brand dilemmas that have you frustrated and going round in circles.
  • Looking to talk it out with someone who knows about business branding.
  • Ready to get yourself some support so that you can find that clarity and confidence in your branding.

Our sessions are relaxed and judgement free. We want you to feel free to ask any questions

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How will a Branding Brainstorm help me?

Our sessions will help you see things clearly, get answers to those burning questions and make the important decisions with confidence. We provide a supportive space to focus on you and your business wit no distractions.

  • Get feedback on your Brand
  • Bring those branding questions that stress you out
  • Use us as a sounding board for your ideas
  • Get creative feedback

It doesn’t matter if you have one question or several.  We will help you tackle what matters most in our 30 or  60 minute session.

I promise you that we will bring an objective viewpoint. Some feedback may be brutally honest, but come from a place of knowledge and love.

You can leave:

  • Clear view of your brand
  • Bitesize implementable steps to improve your brand
  • Confidence in your brand
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What do sessions include?

-Detailed questionnaire to get to know your business and struggles

-A full brand evaluation

-You will be emailed your evaluation previous to our call

-60 Minute Zoom call with Amy and Holly to:

Get feedback on your brand

Bring your branding questions that are stressing you out

Use us as a sounding board

We will help you generate ideas

-Follow Up Email outlining personalised suggestions to improve your brand