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Spring Clean your Business

What is Spring Clean your Business I hear you say.

Christmas is over and we are all preparing for the year ahead. Last week, my entire house was given a spring clean, while simultaneously trying to find homes for all the new toys and gadgets that made their way into my house over Christmas.

Now that mammoth task is done at home, its time to do the same thing with my business. January is always quiet for me, because most of my customers (like myself) are recovering their finances after Christmas spending, so I find it’s the perfect time Spring Clean your Business.

How do you spring clean your business you ask?
Here are a few suggestions:

1. Clean up your desk/work area.

Lets start with the simplest task shall we? With the rush of pre-Christmas orders I bet your desk looks like a small tornado landed on it. Take 30 minutes to clean up any clutter and straighten up. I always find a tidy desk calms my mind and helps me focus.

2. Review your visual brand

Now is the time to have a look at your visual brand. New look for the new year and all that jazz. Don’t worry I don’t mean anything quite as drastic. Take some time and look at your brand and how it looks and feels as a whole. Could it use an update? Are you using your brand colours and fonts consistently?

Take notes of things you like and you could improve on and make plans to implement them.

3. Update your social media and website

When was the last time you changed your cover and profile picture?

Take a look at your social media and website from an outside perspective, what are potential clients seeing?

You want to make sure all information is up to date. Are all your links working? Its time to run your updates.

Holly Christie from This Demanding Life will be joining me on Friday over on Facebook to clarify just what needs done to spring clean your website.

4. Make plans!

This is the exciting part right?! What plans do you have for 2022? If you haven’t thought about any yet, take a day or two and brainstorm new products or services that you want to introduce.
Evaluate anything that doesn’t work or doesn’t fit with your business anymore and make a plan to remove them.

5. Catch up with your accounts

Yeah, I know. This one isn’t as exciting but it is absolutely necessary! If you follow the normal tax year, January 31st is the deadline for your tax return to be submitted. Save yourself the fine and get up to date with it now.

While I can’t help with all your spring cleaning tasks, I can help with your brand. If your brand is feeling a bit bland or boring, lets schedule a meeting to discuss what you feel you might be missing in your brand.